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I like to pray in my backyard. I don’t live in the country, but thankfully my neighborhood is next door to a decently sized cow pasture that accommodates half-a-dozen cows and one goat. In addition, the developers who built my neighborhood decided to put a retention pond behind our lot. The end result is that I am forced to suffer the sight of massive oak trees in the distance, green pastures, roaming cows, and waterfront property. It’s so unfair. Granted, the Canadian geese can be a nuisance, but I’m sure there’s a theology behind them as well. View full article »


I cringe almost every time I hear the word ‘theology’ mentioned in the pulpit. This is not because I think theology is a bad word. I cringe because I know that an apology will almost inevitably follow. Many, it seems to me, are sorry that no one has yet invented a nicer, more tame word that describes a cohesive understanding of God’s Word. And this attitude breaks my heart. View full article »

I’ve finally done it: I’ve created a blog. Actually, I created this blog a while ago, but I’ve only written in it recently. At any rate, I’ve written three articles (including this one), but I thought some introductory thoughts might be helpful. View full article »